The top 3 plastering tips across the board

Here’s the thing – any people are torn between hiring a plastering service and doing the same work themselves, but the fact of the matter is that it is a really tedious job that requires a lot of patience to master. It is as simple as that. Again, building and plastering are two very different aspects that must be treated as such.


Be it the need for Gib stopping or exterior plastering in Auckland, one needs to ensure that the entire plastering project is made as easy as possible right from the very start. Here are the top five ways to go about it:-


  • Cleaning the area: Just a casual clean will not do. You will certainly need to do a lot more than that like taking-off any loose and worn-out bits of any previous wallpapers and the like. For a smooth and secure finish, this is a must.


  • The suction aspect: This involves managing the suction of the surface that is to be plastered. Bear in mind that doing this alone can make all the difference between a correct and a poorly-done finish.


  • Pay attention to the type of wall: This is something that a lot of people tend to neglect. Walls with a low suction ability will take time to suck out all the wall particles out of the plaster. Hence, you will need a bonding agent to take care of the extra level of adhesion.

Following the above list will ensure that you get the best desired finish from the very start with the proper combination of the right techniques and tools. You can be sure of that fact. The key is to pay close attention to every important aspect at every step and then things will smoothen themselves out from that point onwards.

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