Gib Stopping in Auckland

Stopping provides the final finish to your plasterboards. It helps give the perfect finish. Also, stopping ensures that your plasterboard is good enough to go the distance. It goes without saying that with superior-quality gib stopping, you don’t need to worry about the cracks. At Plasterboard, we bring you reliable gib stopping solutions in Auckland that can be counted upon. We also provide gib stopping for ceilings.

It is not at all advisable to go for a sub-standard plastering solution just for the sake of saving a few bucks Substandard plastering tends to wear off soon and may even end up collapsing owing to heat and moisture. Gib stopping in ceiling doesn’t only provide you with excellent finishing, it also makes sure that the ceilings stay unshaken for years to come. No matter how big or small the job is, we, at Plasterland, are here to accomplish it.


How Plasterland guarantees maximum customer satisfaction?

The foundation plays a key role in making a plaster job last long and looks great. Therefore, in a bid to achieve desired results for you, we prepare the surface by using a high-quality sealer to make sure the plaster stays in place, regardless of the external factors working against it.

After the plasterboard stopping is done, we double check for any imperfections or tool marks that might have been overlooked during the installation process. In order to ensure the best work and great outcomes, our staff undergoes regular training, allowing them to keep improving and innovating new means of plasterboard stopping.